Need a simple, easy Website Builder/Content Management System? 
Need a DIY website or to self manage your own website and/or online catalogue?

BusyCMS is it!

Simple CMS Web DesignNo complicated coding, no need to know html or css. If you can "One Finger Type" and select an image on your PC, then you can create and manage your own website with BusyCMS.

So where can I see BusyCMS?
Well, you're looking at it!

This is just one example of the unlimited styles you can create with the built in style manager.


  • Use your own new or existing domain name.
  • No additional hosting required.
  • Unlimited Pages
  • Create multiple image galleries.
  • Includes a product catalogue with categories and sub-categories (3 levels) and multiple images per item.
  • Selling online is as simple as adding your Paypal account email address.
  • Online help pages with "Getting Started".
  • Design your own website or we can design it for you.
  • No branding or 3rd party ads
  • Design your own colour scheme, including background colour, background image, navigation menu colours, etc. Examples provided that you can use, duplicate and edit.
  • Design your own website/page header, add your logo and header background in seconds.
  • Insert links to external websites in the navigation menu.
  • Put the website in "Offline Mode" while you create/edit. In offline mode, only you can see the website.
  • Put individual pages in offline mode while you create/edit. In offline mode, the website operates normally while only you can see the page you are creating/editing.

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